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"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." Aristotle

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Complexity Theory - MAT Leadership

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We are a community interest company that is intentional about what we deliver, why and how. ADL stands for 'justice' in Arabic. 

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We are committed to giving back, let us share two of the many ways we do this:

TeamADL Global Ambassadors

These are individuals of character who are committed to sharing the TeamADL vision and mission in their respective locations and regions.
Mohammed Sadeck Boulahya
I have observed with great interest the work that TeamADL is doing globally to change and improve approaches to supporting special educational needs, disability and inclusion (SENDi).  As a grandparent of a child who is Autistic, this matters to me. 
France - Africa - Middle East
My remit will be to act as a reference point for TeamADL in these three areas.  There is much work to do and together with localised solutions, we can make inclusion a reality for all., especially the Next Generation. 

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