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We welcome your questions and curiosity

About #TeamADL

What is #TeamADL?

We are a responsive national multi-agency team committed to enabling ‘everyone to thrive in education, employment and life’.

What does ADL stand for?

In Arabic ADL means ‘justice’.  We are advocates of and for justice.

Where are you based?

Across the country.  We also work with international organisations.

Who’s on the team?

Download our #TeamADL Brochure on the Homepage to find out more. We continue to grow our team and include a wider range of specialists. 

Does everyone work full time?

We operate a flexible working policy and we are committed to ensuring we protect the wellbeing of our team.  As such team members are encouraged not to work after 5pm and/or on weekends, unless necessary.

What does inclusion’ mean to #TeamADL?

Inclusion is a multidimensional construct, but to #TeamADL it implies ‘person-centred contributions valued from and by all.’

We are a not for profit organisation

what we DO

Who do you work with?
We work with a wide range of stakeholders including children, young people, families, schools, Trusts, Federations, local authority governance and services, as well as industry-based companies and employers.
What are the main services you offer?

We have five core activities:
  1. We seek to educate people and organisations about inclusion and supporting those with learning difficulties and disabilities
  2. We enable individuals and organisations to support, include and be independent
  3. We engage all stakeholders in our vision of ‘everyone thriving in education, employment and life’
  4. We empower those with a special educational need, difficulty or disability to find their place and purpose
  5. We enhance the wider system by ‘developing individuals, growing organisations and strengthening localities
How can stakeholders commission services from #TeamADL?

We offer a range of services:
  1. Our flagship events can be found on the #TeamADL Events page
  2. Partners can book any team member through the app on the Homepage. This ensures a bespoke service delivery, that is designed to ensure high impact.
  3. We have a range of products designed to be system enhancers for education, the employment sector and the community at large. Again, these can be found on our Homepage.


Do you offer any low-to-no cost services?
We provide a #JustAsK service for trainee teachers and those in their early career positions.
We have pioneered several SENCO wellbeing activities through the our #senco5aday project.
We are actively involved in local networks for educators.
Our national roadshows and campaigns are delivered at no-cost to the attendee.
The #TeamADL blog gives a reader every month a wealth of information form one of our specialists.

If we've left anything out ... do get in touch :-)

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