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TeamADL is a non-for-profit team of multi-agency practitioners. We use our expertise to capacity build in schools and colleges and bring about growth and change through innovative, yet simple solutions.  We use our profits to resource schools.

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SEND Leader Planner: sample page and feedback from previous years

This is the best planner that I have ever found.  The only one that works for the life of a SENCO! I love the strategic pages atthe front section of the planner.  It is also great how each week is split in different sections because as a SENCOyou have multiple tasks and communications throughout the week.

~ Trainee SENCO

The SEND Leader Planner guides the SENCO through the academic year, giving timely reminders about strategic tasks that need to be undertaken.  It isn't just a diary with a few SEN related worksheets thrown in it, it is a working document that will assist SENCO / SEND leader undertaking their day-to-day role at the same time as reminding us of the importance of looking after our own well being.  After years of trying out different planners, and even trying to create my own, this is something I can literally pull off the shelf and use.

~ Experienced SENCO

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